illustrator : Crown ATF Dexron III


Dah lebih 2 tahun, Crown Lubricants jual ATF Dexron dalam packing 18 liter pail. To enter the market's demand, kami nak introduce ATF in our new packing, 1 liter bottle.

Apa itu ATF Dexron III? ATF means Automatic Transmission Fluid, minyak pelincir untuk sistem gear otomatik. Dexron III is basically an ATF grade which most auto-transmissions require to perform the best.

Depends to the car model, some will consume 4 liter, sometime upto 7 liter each time during oil change plus flushing off the used oil. Crown's ATF Dexron III is suitable for all cars espcially those transmissions in Proton Waja & Perdana (these cars require ATF SPII or SPIII). It's even can be used as Power Steering fluid.

the design
Nak dapatkan vector image gear knob ni, aku kena buat tracing pada photo yang aku ambik dari website mazda (interior photo : mazda cx7).

Semua product Crown Lubricants ada nombor barcode sendiri. Kalau tembak dengan laser barcode scanner, memang akan keluar nombor product ni.

artwork details:
1) Software : adobe illustrator CS ver. 11
2) Barcode Software : Barcode Creator ver. 3.1
3) Color Mode : CYMK
4) Layout Size : 20.0cm x 18.5cm
5) Product Specs. : Sticker with UV finish, to be sticked on 1LTR Silver Bottle.

the mockup

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