illustrator : Carey Award Wallpaper

Persaingan Carey Award semakin hangat dan penuh adegan sabotaj dan desprado. Spammer batch 9094 semakin tegar dan telah menlampui 1000 emails per month, especially during this June and July.

the wallpaper
Every corner is burst by each mascot of the koleq's house. The Red Eagle is Sulaiman's mascot, the Road Runner is Idris's, the Black Man-Beast is belong to Ahmad House and lastly the F&N Lion figure is the Mohd Shah house's mascot.

This wallpaper will be updated monthly with the latest counter of total email hits. The position of colored emails (those envelopes with @ logo) are showing which house is in the top position. The closer the colored email (house) to the Carey Award cup means the higher the ranking or its position in the particular month.

artwork details:
1) Software : adobe illustrator CS ver. 11
2) Color Mode : CYMK
3) Color Mode on Product : RGB in JPEG format
4) Layout Size : 800 x 600 pxl
5) Product Specs. : Computer Wallpaper

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